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Adventure Awaits in OathRO

Join us and relive the nostalgia of classic Ragnarok Online in our Episode 3 inspired server.

Server Highlights

OathRO is committed to bringing you a Ragnarok experience unlike any other. Our staff has reviewed each component of the game to maximum balance and entertainment, while staying true to Ragnarok Online’s origins.
Low Rate Experience

Low Rate Experience

While our server is technically a 1x/1x/1x rate server, each mob has been carefully tuned to provide natural leveling progression. We have refined the entire monster database to give players new opportunities to level in places otherwise ignored. Experience not just 10% of Ragnarok Online, but 100% of what it has to offer.

Return to RO’s Roots

Return to RO’s Roots

Even though Ragnarok Online is nearly 20 years old, we feel that the earliest incarnation of the game is the most nostalgic. Starting from Episode 3, we plan to slowly progress through the history of Ragnarok Online while adding unique content (quests, new systems, general improvements) as the server grows, bringing you a modern, yet nostalgic experience.

Fun, Not Profit

Fun, Not Profit

OathRO is a timeless server, one that is fully funded to cover basic upkeep and additions to content. There is no donation system in place at this time and if one is ever added, it will be limited, with all proceeds going to major improvements or directed to charities or the player base. We are here to have fun, not turn a profit.

All-Star Staff

All-Star Staff

The staff includes not only lovers of Ragnarok Online, but also people who are deeply familiar with the inner working of the game’s code. Additionally, collaboration with the community’s best programmers, developers, and artists means that content and experiences built on OathRO will be unique to OathRO.

Emphasis on Your Journey

Emphasis on Your Journey

The team at OathRO is devoted to creating a multi-faceted journey for your characters. Grinding on the same monsters day after day is an outdated MMO trope. In OathRO, you will be faced with multiple means of leveling: quests, events, and interactions with the world of Ragnarok Online. Our goal is to create one of the largest repositories of high-quality quests to provide you with not a grind, but a journey.

Our Oath

Our Oath

OathRO is more than a name, it is a pledge to our players and community. Our server is not just a copy of base code, but a reworking of the game. We will continually improve the experience of Ragnarok Online by adding components that improve the entertainment of the game, while maintaining the core essence of the game. For more on Our Oath, visit our About Us page.

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News & Updates

Be always on the go. Let us keep you up-to-date with many new events and features of OathRO

Server Alpha Phase

Server alpha will be completed on September 13, 2021 and we will then transition into our open beta phase. The Alpha Phase was a challenge to our team as we needed to retroactively revert much of the code back to an Episode 3 state. Some NPCs and scripts had to be rewritten, but we are confident that we have successfully reverted the game.

Server Open Beta

The Open Beta Phase will begin on September 16, 2021 and will continue through September 18, 2021. We encourage you to join and invite your friends to experience the server and playtest OathRO. We will be rewarding players with a gift for participating. Also, given the open beta is a time to test the game, we will be having frequent events for community building and fun. Play alongside our staff and help us add the final touches to the game before official launch.

More Updates & Events

Server Roadmap

OathRO’s roadmap is to add official and unique constant at a consistent, yet balanced rate. Regular updates mean new avenues of exploration for you and your friends.

The Grand Opening

OathRO opens its doors by reverting the game back to an Episode 3 (Comodo) state, with improvements to world balance, NPC dialogue, world building, and more. With so many plans in store for the future, this is truly a new RO beginning.

Chapter 1: Your Job, Your Journey

Addition of quests specific to each first and second class will be added to provide additional gameplay opportunities outside of grinding monsters. Job quests that give players a meaningful sense of progression will bring new life to OathRO.

Chapter 1.1: And Don’t Forget the Novices

A completely new novice training hub will be opened to provide a quest-based training grounds that will not only teach new players about the game, but reward experienced players for honing their skills and knowledge of the game, all while earning your first few levels.

Chapter 2: 2-2 Class Introduction

The implementation of 2-2 classes prior to War of Emperium, while not chronologically consistent with the game, provides better versatility to the WoE experience. As with other jobs, class quests for these new jobs will be implemented simultaneously, with new areas such as Juno added.

Chapter 2.1: Turtle Dungeon

Explore Turtle Island and all of the new turtle themed monsters inhabiting it. A new quest chain focused on this dungeon provides players meaningful immersion into this often-overlooked dungeon. You might want to watch your step. Though, the leader of the turtles might not be happy with your intrusion.

Chapter 3: War of Emperium

The first OathRO update templated from official content. The War of Emperium is an RO staple, as is the creation of god items and all out guild wars. This OathRO chapter will focus on creating a balanced WoE environment with a number of castles open based on server size and guild diversity.

The Future

OathRO’s staff will continually roll out new updates based on official and server-specific content. Keep playing the game and experience both memorable and fresh content for years to come!

Server Information

Server Rates and Stats Other Key Info
Max Level 99/50 Server Epoch Pre-Renewal Classic
Card Drop Rates (Incl. MVP) 1x Currently Available Classes 1st Classes, 2-1 Classes
MVP Card Drops Enabled Server Location United States (SEA/Europe Proxies)
Instant Cast Requirement 150 DEX War of Emperium Coming 1Q 2022
HP Regen Rate 4 Seconds / Tick Dual Logging Prohibited (Against Rules)
SP Regen Rate 6 Seconds / Tick Server Security Gepard Shield 3.0
Max Attack Speed 190 Player Commands [Link to Player Commands]